MariaDB VS. Oracle MySQL Benchmarked (version 5.5.36)

Both Oracle MySQL version 5.5.36 and MariaDB version 5.5.36 are out… but which is faster? As always, the only true decider is the benchmark! So both flavours promise the best that MySQL 5.5 has to offer, but which is truly faster and by how much?

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Useful MySQL Commands, Configuration and Diagnostics

After having gone through a Percona training presentation I’ve put some notes together noting some of the more crucial and useful points for myself.

Some are trivial points that I’ve just noted for the sake of reference, others are interesting tricks and snags we should all be aware of. Ultimately, these are all must know facts for any and all MySQL DBAs regardless of the MySQL flavour.

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The “Official” MySQL Internals Manual Updated

Trying to add that missing piece of functionality to your MySQL instance again and feel you don’t have all the information you need?

Well here’s a nice surprise from the developers at Oracle – the recently updated MySQL Internals Manual, now reaching revision 151. Best of all it has come just in time for the holiday season “reading time” period, having being updated on the 24th of December 2013.¬†

The document is readily and freely available at the following url:

And if you don’t feel motivated enough to even page through the manual I will mention a few famous words by a freedom fighter we all revere: “Software patents are dangerous to software developers because they impose monopolies on software ideas” –¬†Richard Stallman

MySQL Fabric – The future of MySQL Sharding?

Over the years I’ve seen a couple of interesting sharding solutions for the shared-nothing storage MySQL architecture, I can honestly say that none were ever worth writing home about. Scalebase provide a fairly robust looking solution however at a very high cost – and the cost of scaling your database shouldn’t have to be astronomical, especially when the database is open-source.

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