MongoDB Design Patterns @ Percona Live

The slide URL for the session I co-presented with Chris @ Percona Live: MongoDB Design Patterns

Great session turnout! Thanks to all those who attended


mongo_bench: A benchmarking tool for MongoDB

The tool performs both read and write tests (using insert() and find()). Test data is generated by the tool based on the number of ‘str_cnt’ defined i.e. 1 … n UUID string elements are created depending on the ‘str_cnt’ defined. The tool will measure the time taken for each read / write operation and provide statistics upon completion (including both average query time and queries per second).

The number of documents to be written and read can also be defined (in the ‘documents’ variable) as well as the number of concurrent connections that should be created by the process. Currently all options need to be defined within the script.

MariaDB 10 VS. Oracle MySQL 5.6 Benchmarked

So after the GA release of MariaDB I couldn’t wait to go for another round of benchmarking just to see the difference in results between Oracle’s MySQL 5.6 and MariaDB 10.0 – it was clear from the results on my previous posting that MariaDB was significantly faster than Oracle’s MySQL however Oracle had more consistent performance.

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