MariaDB VS. Oracle MySQL Benchmarked (version 5.5.36)

Both Oracle MySQL version 5.5.36 and MariaDB version 5.5.36 are out… but which is faster? As always, the only true decider is the benchmark! So both flavours promise the best that MySQL 5.5 has to offer, but which is truly faster and by how much?

MariaDB has been known to outperform MySQL and this is a known fact… no-one is really sure what to expect out of each flavour so I put together a little benchmark to get an idea for myself, now its not the most extensive benchmark however the results are quite interesting.

Lets start off with a little description of the hardware, the tests were performed on an HP Gen8 Proliant Server with 4x Intel® Xeon® E3 Processors, 4GB ECC RAM & a Corsair ForceGS SATA III SSD rated at 6G/s (benchmarked at 576 MB/s). The CPU load on the server remained between 50% – 60% and no swapping was observed, this badboy chopped up and swallowed the tests without a complaint, which is good because this gives a much clearer benchmark. The operating system used in the test was CentOS 6.5 with the datadir running on an XFS Filesystem tuned for largeIO. Both instances were configured with an INNODB buffer pool of 2GB and 8x INNODB read and write threads (16 total) as well as Thread Concurrency & Cache sizes of 8.

The benchmarks were performed using tpcc-mysql with 5 data marts and three runs on each flavour of MySQL, specifically with 25, 50 and 100 concurrent connections. It was interesting to see that Oracles release provided a more consistent throughput rate however MariaDB was 28% faster on average. In fact, for 25 concurrent connections it was actually 41% faster! For the largest number of concurrent connections in the tests, 100 in number, the difference was still noticeable since MariaDB was 18% faster (note that the above statistics are based on the TpmC rating).


The first chart here shows us the number of fully processed orders aka transactions per minute (TpmC) within each 10 second period of the tests (120 seconds in total), from this chart it is clear how much more consistent the overall performance of Oracle’s MySQL is… the fluctuations in TpmC / 10s period were minimal, however, at the end of the day even the lowest trough of the MariaDB results were still considerably higher than Oracle’s [please click on the charts to zoom in].


This next figure contains the differences in overall TpmC for the tests showing how Oracle’s version actually started catching up to MariaDB somewhat as the concurrent connection count increased.

So, based on these tests, we have a clear winner! Or do we..? Lets saw we have a winner for version 5.5 since we have to keep in mind that Oracle has version 5.6 in GA and perhaps this version should also be considered as a competitor to MariaDB 5.5 since MariaDB 10.0 is still under development.


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